Wise County Historical Society, Inc.
1602 S. Trinity
Decatur, TX 76234

Membership Application Form

Date: ____________

I (We) _______________________________________________________________ do hereby make application for membership in the Wise County Historical Society, Inc. To keep the membership current, I (we) understand that any succeeding membership dues will be due on or before the yearly anniversary of January.  It is further understood that any dues will be at my (our) sole discretion. Any yearly dues paid will not be applicable toward lifetime membership.

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Printed Names: _______________________         ________________________________

Street Address or P. O. Box: _________________________________________

City, State, Zip: ___________________________________________________

Phone: _____________________________ Email:__________________________________

I (Our) chief interest is in:
_____History Preservation
_____Theatrical Productions

Volunteers are needed in various areas in and around the museum, located at 1602 South Trinity Street in Decatur TX. I (we) would _____ would not _____be interested in doing volunteer work at the museum. The area(s) of my (our) expertise or the areas or type of work that I (we) could volunteer for are listed below:
___________________      ___________________       ___________________

Membership Dues:
Individual: $10 per year
Husband and Wife: $15 per year
Lifetime per individual: $150 for life

Send Check or Money Order payable to
Wise County Historical Society, Inc.
1602 S. Trinity
Decatur TX 76234