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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide genealogical research for others? 
     Answer: Yes, volunteers charge a set fee which is then donated to the museum restoration. If you are interested in discussing your research with one of our volunteers, call us at 940-627-5586 or Email Us. You are always welcome to use the resources in our Archives Room.

Can we take a tour of the Waggoner Mansion? 
     Answer: Sorry, the Waggoner Mansion is privately owned and is not open to the public.

Do you have museum tours for groups?
     Answer: Yes, contact us to set up a date and time. We are happy to accommodate you.

How do I make a donation in memory of a loved one?
     Answer: Contact us and we will be glad to explain all the options available for making a donation. In some cases, you can dedicate specific projects in honor or memory of someone. We will gladly acknowledge your gift to the honoree or the surviving family.

I have a cherished family heirloom which I would like to donate to the museum. Will you take it?
     Answer: Because our space is limited, it would depend on the size and uniqueness of the item. Contact us to discuss your gift further.

What is the difference between the Historical Society and the Historical Commission?
     Answer: The Commission is a group of persons appointed by a judge and approved by the State Historical Commission. The Historical Society does not have to meet the same criteria as the Commission. Members pay yearly dues and attend monthly meetings, with their primary focus being the restoration and operation of the museum.

Do you provide speakers for other groups who are interested in Wise County history?
     Answer: Yes, simply contact us, and we will gladly provide a speaker. We also have booklets for school children about the history of the county.

Where is the Woody Cabin located? 
     Answer: It is located on the grounds of the Wise County Heritage Museum at 1602 S. Trinity St., Decatur.

Where can I find an article that was published in the Wise County Messenger in the early 1900's?
     Answer: The museum has microfilm of articles from the Messenger dating from the 1880's.

Was there ever a newspaper called the Decatur News?
     Answer: Yes, and the museum houses microfilm of the articles from 1893 until 1933.

How can I find out more about all the historic county courthouses in Texas?
     Answer: You can visit the Texas Historical Commission by clicking here.

Where can I get obituaries from Wise County?
     Answer: We now have obituaries from 1980 to the present available on our computer for researchers. Before long, we will have family files available as well.