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Wise County Historical Commission

(The following information was adapted from the Texas Historical Commission website.)

The Wise County Historical Commission has the responsibility to initiate and conduct programs suggested by the county commissioners court and the Texas Historical Commission (THC). It has been responsible for the preservation of Wise County Heritage Museum, artifacts, documents and other pieces of Texas and Wise County history.

The Commission is responsible for reviewing all applications for state historical markers before they go to the THC. They also serve as advisors to the commissioners court on matters of historic preservation. In addition, they help operate the museum, develop archival collections, promote local history celebrations and heritage tourism, publish books and brochures dealing with the county's history and historic sites, undertake surveys of cultural and historic resources, conduct oral history projects and all other manner of preservation programs.

The Wise County Commissioners Court is responsible for appointing members to the Commission in January of odd-numbered years. If you are interested in serving on the Commission, contact the Commission chair, county judge, or county commissioner for information on the appointment procedures.

Wise County Historical Commission

Kerry Clower, Alvord/Audubon  Chair of Historical Commission

Sallie Andrews, Secretary:  Sycamore                    Bobbie Ashley: Greenwood/Slidell

Frank Blank  Anneville/Boyd                            Patti Gillespie,  Decatur/Boyd

                   Rosalie Gregg, Treasurer  Decatur/Cottondale

                    Eugene Grooms:  Chico/Crafton                            Sherry Harris:  Decatur/ Pleasant Grove           

                                Beverly Lindsey, Rhome                        Janice McKenzie:   Boyd-South                    
  Nancy Rosendahl:  Decatur                          Dan McEntire:  Aurora

                 Sue Tackel: Bridgeport                             Donna Weeden: Paradise/Cottondale

     Edna Wood:  Paradise             

                     Carla Womack, Vice Chair: Decatur/New Salem