Rosalie Gregg Memorial

This page is dedicated to the memory of Rosalie Mann Gregg, founder of the Wise County Historical Society, Inc. and Wise County Heritage Museum.

Had it not been for Mrs. Gregg much of the history of Wise County might have been lost, but through her diligence and life-long efforts, we have a robust history preserved for the future.  Rosalie started her work with the Wise County Historical Commission in 1965 at a time when there were only 20 Texas Historical markers in the county.  Through her efforts there are now more than 110 Wise County markers.

Rosalie helped to establish the Wise County Heritage Museum and served as it’s Director since its inception in the 1970’s.  She also served as Chairman of the Wise County Historical Commission for 47 years and in various official capacities on the Board of the Wise County Historical Society, Inc. since its beginning.

Rosalie was a graduate of the Decatur Baptist College (DBC) and when the college closed and moved to Dallas to become Dallas Baptist University, she approached the owner of the DBC property as to the future of the building and the owner agreed to donate the administration building and one acre of land to the Wise County Historical Society, Inc. for the use of a museum.

Mrs. Gregg and other volunteers took on the task of cleaning up and repairing the three-story DBC building and the result was the Wise County Heritage Museum which became the the pride of the entire county.  

Rosalie was the foremost historian in the area and could usually quote from the top of her head anything of historical value in the area.  One area of passion for her was the preservation of history of the group of men from WWII who became known as the “Lost Battalion”.  Her husband, R. N. Gregg, served in the military and was a member of the Lost Battalion who were captured early in the War by the Japanese on the island of Java and then transported to Burma to build the Burma Railway.  They worked as slaves and were mal-treated by the Japanese army for 42 months.  Many did not survive.  Those who did survive were lauded as heroes and Mrs. Gregg made sure that all the men from the Lost Battalion were remembered.  A special room was set aside in the Wise County Heritage Museum to house memorabilia and information about the men of the Lost Battalion.

Rosalie Mann Gregg died at the age of 101 in June of 2022, however her historic legacy lives on.  We are proud to carry on what she started and will continue to preserve our rich history.  We have much to thank her for and she is remembered with reverence and grace.