Deep Creek Community

CR 4227, Boyd, Texas
Named for the natural landmark nearby. Settled about 1854 by pioneers Sam Woody and Tom McCarroll. Population grew as they were joined by several of Woody’s former neighbors from East Texas. Along the creek, farmers raised cotton, corn, and cattle. In 1860 Tom McCright and Andrew Mann gave land for a cemetery, and local Baptists constructed a church, which doubled as a schoolhouse. Testimony to danger of frontier life is the grave of Miss Sally Bowman, who died in 1868. She was shot after a wild chase by Indians who surprised her as she tended her father’s herd of fine horses. At her grave is a monument erected by the neighborhood. Other early settlers interred here include many veterans of the Civil War, 1861-1865. The community is noted as the boyhood home of Lawrence (J. L.) Ward, respected resident of Decatur Baptist College during 1900-1907 and 1910-1950. In the 20th-century, a nationally known ballet -“Winter at Deep Creek” -has recaptured the flavor of pioneer days. Produced by the American Folk Ballet, the dance was originated and choreographed by Burch Mann, a great-granddaughter of John Mann, one of the first settlers in the community.