Rhoads Family Cemetery

Northeast of Alvord, Texas and surrounded by the LBJ National Grasslands.
Rhoads Family Cemetery Originally from Tennessee, Abner E. (1820-1910) and Chloe Mays (1824-1886) Rhoads and family came to this area from Kentucky by covered wagon, arriving in 1870. Their son, Moses b. (1845-1916), who was a Methodist circuit rider, schoolteacher and carpenter already living in Texas, came to join them on their 205-acre tract of land along with his wife, Eugenia Sarah (1845-1924), and children. The oldest dated graves marking the deaths of two of their young sons in 1879 and 1880 speak of the difficulties of their experience as they joined with others in settling the land. Recorded here are members of the Johnson, Mitchum, Rhoads and Woodruff families; some descendants believe that as many as 100 others may be laid to rest nearby in unmarked graves. The cotton growers who once plowed this land were forced to relocate in the 1920s and 30s when their fields’ soil and fertility were depleted by years of cultivation. In 1940, much of the Rhoads property, including this burial ground, was sold to the U.S. government and is now part of the Ibj National Grasslands. This site remains as a record of these settlers whose successes and struggles are part of the heritage of the Alvord area of Wise County. Historic Texas Cemetery-2002